This is the EVEXAR Extranet - our Information Portal.


The EVEXAR Extranet is a resource for our business partners. Part of the EVEXAR package includes support available to both our partners and in-market customers. The content in these sections is constantly being updated. It is our intention to fully populate and add to all the sections. We will add sections as the need becomes apparent. Meantime, please feel free to comment on the available options.

Please note some of these sections may currently lack content, however, they will be populated in due course:

Menu options:

  • Copy: This section is provides the raw content used for product copy (literature and PR detail).
  • Videos: This section includes available video content both with and without voiceover (English language only)
  • High Res Product shots: Product images of the product for reproduction in  local collateral.
  • Training Materials: Training presentation(s) intended for use in training distributor staff.
  • Training Materials (end users): Training presentation(s) intended for use as an selling aid/in service resource.
  • Print ready literature: This content is print ready English language literature, includes a section for dealers to add contact detail.

This content provided is free for use without copyright restrictions for our commercial partners, text content can be freely translated without the need to refer to EVEXAR, however if you intend to revise training materials we would appreciate you letting us know the changes you intend to make.